2021 Summer GPS Ride – Planning Update
April 11 Update
Today’s ride in the lower Gorge Marker Area we were able to place 5 more markers for the coming ride.  A teaser image.
April 2, 2021 update
We have finalized the pricing for the ride.  Single hands $15 each or 3 hands for $40 that includes an ATVBC raffle ticket, or 9 hands for $105 that includes 3 ATVBC Raffle tickets.  We have also placed the first marker for the ride in the Gorge / North Fork marker area.
First Marker
We have started the planning process for the 2021 Summer GPS Ride, with significant changes in the works.
Firstly we will continue with the changes we implemented last summer to ensure that we met with the provincial health requirements set by Dr. Henry.  For that reason we are not deleting all the 2020 Summer GPS Ride postings.
We do have a major change in the works for the 2021 Summer GPS Ride.  Rather than having all the GPS markers in the Wap / Mabel area south from Three Valley Lake we are planning on having three separate areas for the GPS markers.  Our current plan is to have 36 markers placed in the traditional Wap / Mabel area with another 36 markers in the Shelter Bay area and a further 36 markers in the North Fork / Gorge area.  The included images show the rough boundaries of the three marker areas.   The current thinking will allow a person to choose the area from which they would like their markers selected.  For example a person could place an order for 3 groups of 3 hands (total of 9 hands) and request that all hands come from one of the areas or 2 groups from one area and the last group from another area or a group from each area.  The same could be done if a person only ordered a single set of 3 hands – a hand from each of the areas or all the hands from the same area or any combination.
Shelter Bay Marker Area north fork marker area wap mabel marker area
We are still having discussions on pricing as last year we gifted to each participant that purchased at least one group of three hands an ATVBC raffle ticket.

All communication and transactions with the Revelstoke ATV Club will be through the clubs email address – revatvclub@gmail.com

As in prior years, each hand will consist of 4 random markers.

Our plan is to send out hands by June 26th with all completed hands to be returned for scoring by September 11th.

If you intend to participate or would like more information send us an email to revatvclub@gmail.com and we will send you a document providing further details on this great ride opportunity.

2020 Summer GPS Ride – UpDate – Sept 2020
The Summer GPS Ride has concluded and congratulations to Dave MacIntosh our winner with 225 points.  Now the task to remove the 111 markers put them into storage for the winter and start the planning for the 2021 GPS Ride.
2020 Summer Three Valley GPS Ride – UPDATE

Since the formal announcement of cancellation of the July 10 & 11, 2020 GPS Ride there has been considerable discussion of options that may be available to give our loyal supporters a chance to ride, hone their GPS skills and see more great country around 3 valley lake with a possibly to win a prize while following all the directions from Dr. Henry.

We are offering a summer long GPS Ride for the Three Valley Lake area.  We will be placing markers in the normal manner and participants will have all this summer (July & August) to complete their hands, thus minimizing contact with others and helping to ensure all participants will continue to have a safe and healthy summer.