Downie Sorcerer

August 17, 2014

Went up the Downie and Sorcerer. Roads in good condition, all washouts and slides / slumps from a couple of years ago have been repaired. With the recent rains had a day without dust, quite a treat. The ride on the main Downie and Sorcerer is suitable for all riders. Once you get onto the mining trail near the head waters of the Sorcerer Creek the trail is suitable for experienced riders only. At one point there is a large stump across the road that requires a short steep climb and descent on a narrow section of the trail. Extra hands to ensure safe passage is recommended.

We were only able to make it to the lake just short of the Sorcerer / Tangier pass – trees and slumps across the mining trail.

The Sorcerer road is starting to get overgrown in many sections and it will become increasingly difficult to travel over time as the slide alder closes in.

A garmin track of the ride is available – use the contact us to request a copy of the track.