Bigmouth Ride Jun 25th

Headed up Bigmouth Creek today, clear skies, warm temperatures.  Some damage to the main road at about 9.5 Km from a slide that took out the outside edge of the road.  Other than that road in good condition to jct with the new road heading towards Argonaut Creek (about 22 Km).  From that point on things got interesting with slide remnants needing clearing and mud slides to traverse. We finally got to a major slide debris deposit on the road at about 33 Km.  If there would have been a few more of us we could have made it through with power saw work and general cleaning.  In another couple of weeks more snow will melt out from the slide and make crossing a lot easier – but will still require power saw work.

could easily spend two or three days in the valley, Bigmouth, Louis Lee, BMX and others to explore.

The mountain views make the 1.5 hour drive from town worth every minute.