Griffin, Yard Creek

Difficulty: 4

Difficulty Description: Other than the trail to the open alpine area this would be a moderately easy ride

GPS Coordinates:
Start: 50 56.441N, 118 46.825W
End: 50 56.441N, 118 46.825W

Trail Description: Marshall and unload at the jct of Seddeberg Road and the Griffin FSR. Explored the new road construction (rebuilding of old logging roads) for the upper and lower Griffin roads, the old road that leads from the Griffin over to Yard Creek (road to Cummins Lake) is in quite good condition – a good ATV trail.

Did not have time to explore the rebuilt Yard Creek road (beyond the junction with the Griffin connector)

The trail that leads to open alpine area is rough and rocky, once you get to the top you will be onto an open alpine area. It is critically important to stay on the established trails. This is open grassland used for grazing cattle, do what ever you can to avoid disturbing the grazing cattle.

Points of Interest: A lot of the trail system has grown in (new forests closing in the valley and mountain views) however there are still many great stops to enjoy the views of the valleys and mountains

GPS Track: Garman tracks of the ride sections are available