Catherine Lake, Mosquito Lakes, Cameron Lake Circle Tour

Submitted By: Bill G

Difficulty: 1

Difficulty Description: For this ride you are following active FSR’s. Use extreme caution as logging traffic could be encountered.

GPS Coordinates:
Start: 50° 37.731N, 117°56.510W
End: 50° 37.731N, 117°56.510W

Trail Description:
Easy Ride. Length of trip 146 km.

Head west for 2.3 km on Shelter Bay Rd. to the stop sign, [50° 37.731N, 117°56.510W] continue straight ahead, heading south on Shelter Bay Rd.  At 10.5 km on the Shelter Bay Rd. is Eagle Bay Forestry Campsite [50°33.971N,  117°57.115W]). At 16 km [50°31.075N,  117°57.387W] keep left, (south).
At 23.5 km on the Shelter Bay Rd. is a branch road to the left for 1km., to a cabin,
[50°26.46N,  117°57.29W] toilet, tables & the mouth of Pinkston Creek.

At 25.5 km on the Shelter Bay Rd. is the bridge across Pinkston Creek canyon. (mileage board changes at this point (decreasing)as you travel south) Change to Radio Channel 154.665. Interfor Nakusp [50°26.328N, 117°58.262W]

Catherine Lake Forestry Campsite: [50°24.227N.  117°58.374W]
On Shelter Bay Rd., from the Pinkston bridge, continue south for approx. 5.3 km to Catherine Lake turnoff, (forestry rd. sign 17 km), [50°24.311N, 117°59.498W] turn left (east) off the main rd. up the hill for 1.7 km to reach the lake & campground.

North Fostal Rd. turn off is 4.1 km south of Catherine turn off. Mosquito Lakes Forestry Campsite: [50°19.965N,  118°03.876W]

Continue south for approx. 9 km., measured from the Catherine Lake turnoff, on the main road.
At [50°21.535N,  118°01.050W] (forestry rd. 8 km sign) turn right to keep going south on the main Fosthall Rd.,
At [50°19.904N, 118°03.347W] (forestry rd. sign 12.2 km) turn right (west) for .8 km on Plant Rd. to Big Mosquito Lake Campground on the left & a little further down the road on the right is Little Mosquito Lake.

Cameron Lake Forestry Campsite: [50°18.885N,  118°00.399W]
Continue south for 5.3 km. (measured from the Mosquito lake turnoff), on the main Fosthall Rd. At [50°17.310N,  118°02.689W], (forestry rd. sign 17.5 km), turn left (east) off the main road. Continue up the hill for 5.3 km to reach the lake & campground.

To make a circle tour you can continue east on this road for 8.5 km., you are now back out on the main Fosthall Rd., [50°21.112N,  117°57.602W], turn left to return back to the road north [50°21.535N,  118°01.050W] & the Shelter Bay Rd. , where the unloading location is at Hwy. 23 S. [50° 37.731N,  117°56.510W]

Points of Interest: Eagle Bay Campsite, Pingston Canyon, Catherine lake, Cameron Lake, Mosquito Lakw

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