Ed Jaatteenmaki of the Revelstoke ATV club is again organizing a long distance ATV ride with camping on the way.

This year the ride will be shorter than my previous Long Distance Rides.  Like all of us I am getting older and have some disabilities.

Because we are making two gas stops at Seymour Arm we do not need to haul large amounts of fuel  making  more room on our quads so this time my wife Moira will participate in the ride. I encourage all the other riders that are joining the ride to also bring wives/partners along to enjoy a different type of ATV ride.

Because of my  disabilities I wish to have a minimum of three quads on  this trip in case we  have a problem.

Approved helmets and liability insurance are  required.

Dates: August 8, 9 & 10th.

DAY ONE: Meet at the last spike parking lot at 10 am. Travel a short distance to Roy Rokash gravel pit which is a secure location to leave our vehicles behind locked gate.
Ride  our ATVs up the Gorge FSR to Seymour Arm for gas, ice cream and watch all the bikini clad girls!
Continue on to Humamilt Lake forestry rec site for camp No. one. Total day one ride about 125 km.

DAY TWO. Return to Seymour Arm to top up our gas and continue on to Pettipiece  Pass for camp No. two beside one of the lakes in the pass. Total day two ride about 120 km.

DAY THREE: Return to start via Gorge FSR a distance of about 100 km.

So please come and enjoy the ride. Any questions please call me at 250 837 4054 or by email edjaat@telus.net

This ride would be considered Moderately Easy; suitable for new riders who are looking to expand their skills. Some minor off-camber sections, hill-climbs, rocks, and other obstacles.

Ed Jaatteenmaki