Expect the Unexpected

revelstoke atv club

The Kelowna Club had two incidents this summer involving the “unexpected”. One accident involved backing down a steep hill and the other involved going up a short stretch of off-camber. In both cases the trail was narrow and along a slope and the machines went over the side and down the hill.

In one case the rider was battered and bruised as the machine rolled about 3 times and came to rest against a tree. It missed him. The machine was recovered and driven back to the parking area. However once it was inspected in the shop it became apparent that it was seriously damaged.

expect the unexpected 1

In the other case the rider could see what was about to happen and “bailed out” before his machine took off over the side and went down the slope. He was shaken up but uninjured. The machine’s descent was slowed by heavy foliage and it ended up on it’s side about 40’ down the slope. It was recovered and only suffered minor damage.

expect the unexpected 2

The root cause of both accidents was the “unexpected” consequence of hitting a small rock in the trail and being suddenly forced in the wrong direction and off the trail. It doesn’t take much to do this. A small stump, bump or log can hit a wheel and do the same thing. If this happens while riding along a steep slope the consequences can be very serious. So “expect the unexpected” and keep a close eye out for potential hazards while riding.