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2020 Summer GPS Ride – UpDate – Sept 2020
The Summer GPS Ride has concluded and congratulations to Dave MacIntosh our winner with 225 points.  Now the task to remove the 111 markers put them into storage for the winter and start the planning for the 2021 GPS Ride.
2020 Summer GPS Ride – UpDate – June 21
The last of the markers have been placed and we now have 111 markers placed.  We will begin issuing hands this week.  Our objective is to check the club email address ( daily however we know that is not possible to do, on a regular basis as life gets in the way, but at a minimum we hope to check the email at least 2 or 3 times a week.  If you are planning or wanting to participate in the Summer GPS Ride put in your request for hands several days prior to your planned arrival – this  gives us time to get the hands to you and also gives you time to plan your ride.  Take care, ride safe and enjoy
 DSC00515 DSC00524 DSC00525 DSC00538DSC00503
2020 Summer GPS Ride – UPdate – June 17
Bill, Rollie and Bob spent the 16th placing markers in the Victor Main / English area. Again new roads that offer some exceptional views. We are now at just over a hundred markers with one more day of placing markers and then we will be able to start filling hands. Snow prevented us from getting to a couple of spots but all should be open in another week or so.  The google earth image shows the location of all 106 Markers.
DSC00494 DSC00490 DSC00487 DSC00505All 2020 Markers

2020 Summer Three Valley GPS Ride – UPDATE

Since the formal announcement of cancellation of the July 10 & 11, 2020 GPS Ride there has been considerable discussion of options that may be available to give our loyal supporters a chance to ride, hone their GPS skills and see more great country around 3 valley lake with a possibly to win a prize while following all the directions from Dr. Henry.

We are offering a summer long GPS Ride for the Three Valley Lake area.  We will be placing markers in the normal manner and participants will have all this summer (July & August) to complete their hands, thus minimizing contact with others and helping to ensure all participants will continue to have a safe and healthy summer.

All communication and transactions with the Revelstoke ATV Club will be through the clubs email address –

As in prior years hands will be sold 3 for $25, and each hand will consist of 4 random markers.

Prizes – We will score hands in a similar manner as before however as for prizes we will be doing a single prize of 25% of the value of all hands sold plus every participant that purchases at least one group of three hands we will gift them an ATVBC raffle ticket.

If you intend to participate send an email to and we will send you a document providing further details on this great ride opportunity.



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