2020 GPS Ride

2020 gps ride poster 8X11 ver 11

For the GPS ride the camping / marshalling location is located just off the Trans Canada Highway at the West end of Three Valley Lake on the Wap Mabel FSR (N50o 55.658, 118o 28.909W).

Approximately 100 GPS markers are placed within an area to the East, West and South of the camping / marshalling site.  The range for the markers (as the crow flies) is about 12 Km to the East, 6 Km to the West, and 25 Km to the South.

When placing the markers the objective is to have the markers visible from the ORV (not always possible) and easily accessible to record the marker serial number and take a photo.  Another objective when placing the markers is to highlight the scenic beauty of the area – either at the marker or at or near the marker, with a final object to accommodate all riding skill levels.

A hand consists of 4 randomly chosen markers along with an initial value for the hand (a random number between 1 and 50), with the holder’s objective to find their markers and record their serial numbers.  A hand is not completed until all four markers are found and verified.  For completed hands the holder does a blind draw of 4 balls from a rotating drum containing balls numbered from 1 – 50.  The maximum possible value for a hand is 250. We like to remind all participants that this is not a race and we like to see participants team up so that no one is riding alone.  We require all participants to meet all the requirements of the Provincial ORV Act and Regulations and to check in on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon ensuring that no one is lost or having machine problems.

The winner is the holder of the hand with the highest value.  Ties share in the prize pool – for example if two hands are tied for 1st place then they would share the first and second prizes.  A participant can only win one major prize.  The remaining registered riders are entered in participant draws.

The net revenue from the GPS ride will be directed to the restricted Trail Construction / Maintenance and Riding Area Map accounts.

Registration fee for the ride is $35/registered rider if paid by May 31st, after May 31st the non-refundable registration fee increases to $45/registered rider.  The registration fee includes the first GPS Hand, and on site amenities. The registration form is downloadable with this link 2020-gps-ride-registration , or by contacting the club at revatvclub@gmail.com.   Payment may be made by cheque with copy of registration form to:

Revelstoke ATV Club

Box 3011

Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0

or email completed registration form and etransfer fee to revatvclub@gmail.com.

Nov 2019 – We plan to continue rental of porta potties for the weekend.  We were very pleased with last years service.  We are also planning on providing a garbage / recycling service for the weekend.

Select this link – 2020 gps ride poster 8X11 ver 11  To view the full poster.


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