Shelter Bay Coursier

Date of Ride Report: June 4, 2016

Ride Report Details: Not really a ‘planned’ club ride but rather a few days camping in the Shelter Bay area. About a 60 km ride on Saturday into Corsair Lake. The road into the lake is now open but over the top at the north end of Hall Mountain one will still run into snow (as of last weekend) but who knows with this heat wave?
There was still snow along side the road, in the trees and even during the day, it was a cool ride in the morning. Took the Dry Creek road, around the south end of Mt. Hall and back out to the fork at the gravel quarry to hook up with the Kileen Rd.
A good ride with access to the ‘look out’ overlooking the Arrow Lakes and Beaton Arm. On a side note it and glassing the mountain from across the lake, looks as if access onto Sproat is good to about the three km on the mountain but the snow is melting fast. Just remember that no riding in the alpine until July 15. Oh yes, Huckleberries were ripe for picking at the ferry landing!