Greely Ride Sept 2019

greely, Sept. 2019 013

Ride Report Details:

Checking out the Greely area. This ride borders Glacier National Park, it is on one side of the river, we are on the other. Many roads, all leading to logging landings of course but taking you to higher elevations so the views are great. The main road has a major landslide near the end of it but we did work our way around it. Very steep country! The best ride of the day was up the Twin Butte Valley, a very scenic ride in a very narrow valley. We met with another land slide and had to work this one as well to get part it safely. It offers another 5 kms of riding once past and into a very beautiful valley just getting into their Fall colours. Caution needs to be taken riding this road, it is an old logging road, is narrow and has a lot of debris on it, rocks, trees, but it is worth it. How much longer this access will be there, probably not after this winter when more of the steep very unstable bank comes down onto the road. A good area though, close to town and easy riding for the most part

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