Akolkolex Valley May 2016

Ron LaRoy

Date of Ride Report: May 15, 2016

Ride Report Details: A small group, Ron, Evelyn, 3 Valley Al and Jack into the Akolkolex to check out the condition of the road, very surprised that no road blockages due to avalanche activity from last winter.  Went as far as we could on the Akolkolex.  Back part of trail leading to where one can view the Albert Icefields is getting completely blocked by heavy alder growth.  A very scenic valley with lots of snow for colour contrast still on the mountain peaks.  Interesting experience when we noticed a pair of ducks in a small pond beside the road.  A very colourful male with a rather drab female.  Upon investigation when we got back home we discovered it was a Harlequin.
A good day with a lunch break at the beach where the Holyck Creek and Akolkolex Rivers merge.  About 135kms that day.

Back to the Crawford Road, quite a dusty day but we did manage to get to the Sproat Trailhead sign, a few yards beyond that we ran into snow.  A very easy ride being logging roads.