Two Moon Lake

Submitted By: Mount Mac

Difficulty: 4

Difficulty Description: Some would rate this ride a 5, others possibly a 3. Be prepared to get out the winch to work your way through some muddy sections, as better to winch yourself through, than dig up more mud, or create another trail. Stop and fix is always a good alternative

GPS Coordinates:
Start: 50° 42.939N, 118° 31.160W
End: 50° 42.939N, 118° 31.160W

Trail Description: Trail Description: The northern start of the ride is at 0 km of the Wap / Mabel FSR, you can follow the FSR or detour and take the power line road down to the junction with the Kingfisher FSR. At this junction stay to the left and continue to either the Derry FSR or the Iron Road FSR.  Derry road through to Iron Road is a nice easy loop ride.

Taking the Derry FSR, you will be on an logging road / ATV trail most of the way to the start of the actual trail to Two Moon Lake. A Google earth image shows this track and part of the way to Two Moon Lake.

Taking the Iron Road FSR, you will be on a logging road all the way to the start of the trail to Two Moon Lake. A Track image of this route shows part of the way to Two Moon Lake.

Best to probably wait till at least mid July before attempting this ride as areas could still be snow bound, making the sensitive sites even more prone to damage.

Points of Interest: Numerous points of interest along the way. High open meadows have great vistas of the surrounding mountains and valleys. For the fisherman, pan frys can be caught in two moon lake.

GPS File (Type Magellen) : 2 MOON DERRY.log