Sproat Lookout Ride (McRae Detour)

Submitted by: Mount Mac

Difficulty: 4

Details on Difficulty FSR portion of route excluding the hard way – suitable for all riding abilities. The hard way – caution should be exercised for the young or inexperienced rider. From the trail head onwards to the lookout difficulty increases with steeper sections, off camber, tight switchbacks, rocky outcrops – all but the last Km is suitable for riders with moderate experience, last Km suitable for experienced riders.

GPS Coordinates
Start: 50° 52.720N, 118° 05.864W
End: 50° 43.558N, 117° 53.734W

GPS Log File Type: Magellan:  The Track Log file compressed with 7Zip – Sproat SEP 12 2013


Trail Description: From Revelstoke, head south on Airport Way, continuing past the airport, to the end of the pavement, approximately 14 miles. Continue on the gravel road to the junction with the Akolkolex FSR. There is lots of room to park and unload your ATV. Take the Akolkolex FSR to about 7.5 km and turn right onto the hard way, at the bottom of the hard way the road joins the Crawford FSR at approximately 17.5 km. Stay on the Crawford FSR through to 36 km. At the 36 km junction stay left, and from there to the trail head keep right, always climbing. The trail head is at approximately 39 km. The trail is the old access to the Ministry of Forests lookout on Sproat Mountain. Round trip time about 4 hours.

Points of Interest:  Numerous stops along the way with great valley vistas.  From the top excellent 360 degree views