Pettipiece Pass Jul 24, 2016

Pat, Jim, Peter, Bob, and Robbie did the pettipiece ride (18C on the trail map) on the 24th. We did not go all the way to the Columbia River, we stopped short at an old logging landing that gave us great views of the Downie Valley and up and down the Columbia. The ride as we did it was 160 Km round trip and we were on the road for 7 hours with the last 48 Km non stop. The powerline road is much improved from a few years ago, still rough but more culverts and water control.

The views along the pass make the ride worthwhile and it you happen to be a fisherman, the little trout were jumping in both of the bigger lakes.

At a minimum have a visit to Parmater Lake where others have built benches and a fire pit.

Beyond Parmater lake, powersaw work required for wider SXS’s or pickups as only a narrow trail was bucked through the windfalls that have come down.