Mara Mtn – Jul 17 2016

Jim, Robbie, Ed, Bob and Pat headed out for Mara Mountain Lookout this morning. Took the Wap Main and Kingfisher Mains to the Mara Mtn jct at about 12 Km on the Kingfisher Main.

Mara Mtn main in good condition till about 7 1/2 Km from the lookout and then the rocky rough trail started. Ended up using low range and 4 wheel drive for most of the 7 1/2 km because of going slow and crawling over the rocks.

At a few spots, still a fair amount of snow on the trail which fortunately others ahead of us had broken a trail.

Almost made it to the top and the lookout before being snowed out.

A totally different alpine view if you are familiar with the Sproat or Groundhog basin alpine views.

It was a busy day on the trail with 11 other machines and 16 riders all with the objective of getting to the lookout.

The lookout will have to wait for another day