Last Ride for 2017 – North Fork FSR is OPEN!!!!!

The New Bridge !!

Probably the last ride of the Season.  The Plan that Cool Jim, Wilson, Rollie and Bob had was to go up the Gorge FSR and then possibly head up the Seymour River.

The summit of the Gorge FSR (15-19Km) was quite cold with plenty of snow around, and evidence of the road having been plowed already.

When we got to the Gorge / North Fork FSR Junction we noticed that all the road closed signs on the North Fork had been removed.  How quickly plans changed, decided to head down the North Fork to where the bridge was washout at about 50 Km to see if the that bridge had been replaced.  From the Gorge Jct on brushing and ditching was done on the North Fork raising the expectation that the bridge was replaced.

The photos that are included are mostly from the wash out area showing the road rebuild and bridge replacement.

We can now ride the circle route of the Gorge through North Fork FSR’s.  In total we put on 147 Km.  Great ride on a sunny but cool day.