Pingston Creek

strong>Rec Site: Pingston Creek, This is a small user maintained site

Location: Mouth of Pingston Creek on Arrow lake – turn off Shelter Bay South road at 23.5 Km. GPS location N 50 26.378, W 117 57.303

Description: single picnic table, out house, cabin, fire pit. There is minimal room to turn a vehicle around if the Arrow Lake reservoir is at full pool. Before going down with a trailer check out the site to make sure you have the room to turn it around or it is a long way to back up to the main road. Site most suitable for tenting.
As of Aug 2014 the cabin is in need of a thorough scrub and bleach clean up – critters have gotten inside and made a mess. In addition to the clean up the holes that allowed the critters in require closing. The cabin appears to be in very good structural condition.