How are News Items submitted?
These are submitted through our forum or the contact us page.

How do I show or see Wikiloc trails in google earth?
In Google Earth, select Layers, Gallery, Wikiloc. This will turn on all trails that have been loaded into Google Earth through the Wikiloc Gallery add on.

How do I upload a ride log?
You will receive an email request from an Administrator requesting that you email the administrator the ride log. The Administrator will then post the ride log to the Ride Guide or Ride Report.

How do I save a google earth image of a ride log?
Being able to submit a Google Earth Screen Shot of a ride and have it featured on either the Ride Guide or Ride Log page is a welcome addition for this site. In Google Earth load the Ride Log (Google Earth only supports Magellan and Garmin GPS Units) – Tools/GPS/then select device, import tracks, output KML listings/Import.

This loads the track into Google Earth and the full track should be shown on the Google Earth Screen Image. To save this image select File/Save/Save Image. This opens a “Save As” Dialogue Box, select folder to save file to, and enter file name and select Save. The file is saved as *.jpg (jpeg) picture file.

How do I submit photos for the gallery?
Photos are no longer kept in a separate Photo Gallery. Rather all pictures are held within either a Ride Guide or a Ride Report.

What are the legal requirements for riding an ATV in BC?
As of the fall of 2015, licensing and registration of your ATV is required. To ride on a Forest Service Road (FSR), you are required to have a valid driver’s license and $200000 third-party liability insurance coverage.

How do I get the GPS log file for the rides?
In each ride guide there is a log file labelled GPS file and the type is quoted shortly after that.  They are in zip files and will need to be taken out of compression to upload into your GPS.  Simply double click the zip file to get access to it, then save the .log file in your GPS.