Wap / Mabel Ride May 7, 2017


Went up several side roads on the Wap / Mabel FSR – Powerline, Cobble, North Derry and Derry Roads.  Typical spring conditions, but all in surprisingly good condition considering the amount of rain that came down the last few days.  There was evidence of the Wap main being under water at about 7.5 Km but all was dry on the 7th.

The only real problem is a recent slope failure that came down onto the Derry Road at about 58.5 Km.  This slope failure will eliminate the ability to do the Derry / Iron Road loop until it is cleaned up.  After putting location of slide onto Google Earth image the remainder of loop roads should be passable.

We tried to return on the BC Hydro Powerline trail but turned around and went back to the 12 KM road.  It looked like the creek at this location had cut even dipper into the south bank resulting in an almost vertical drop into a fast moving creek – just not safe.