Sproat Lookout Update

Look Out Tower

Equipment is being moved up the Sproat Trail today to the top so work can get started tomorrow (Aug. 7) on some of the switchbacks and widening of the trail where needed.  If anyone is planning or have friends that are planning a trip up the mountain in the next few days, it would help if that trip was postponed until the work is finished.  The club received close to $19,000 in grants and wants to get as much value out of those grants as possible by improving the trail or as much of it as we can with the money available.

Equipment could be met anywhere on the trail and many of you know this is a narrow trail which would mean you would either have to wait to get by or it could interfere with the working machinery if it had to move to let you by.  We are not sure of a finishing date but will advise as we hear how it is progressing.

Please work with us on this, it is for the benefit of all users.