2019 3 Valley GPS Ride

The 2019 Three Valley GPS Ride will be held July 5th through 7th 2019.  


April 2019 – One of the ongoing concerns that many have had is the amount of time it takes to go through the sale of hands on the Friday night.  Cory Jensen had replicated Al’s database in excel and has made a few enhancements that will significantly speed up the process.  Before we used a bingo machine to select the gps marker numbers and the rotating drum to select the value associated with a hand.  With the enhancement we will use random numbers generated by the computer to select the gps markers associated with a hand, and will also use another set of random numbers to pick the value associated with the hand.  We will use the rotating drum for picking the balance of the number associated with a hand.  We will give this process a test this year and if folks prefer the former method we will go back to it for the future.  As an aside, if a rider wants to pre-purchase the number of hands they want, then we could run the hand selection process on the Friday afternoon and hand out the hands to the rider after the into meeting

Mar 2019 – We have arranged for two porta potties for the weekend.  We are asking for a donation of $10 per rider or $20 per camping unit to support rental of units for the weekend.

Select this link –2019 gps ride poster 8X11 ver 2  – To view the full poster.

There will be a riders information meeting on the evening of July 5th at about 5 PM followed by the sale of hands.

We Plan to continue with Pre Register for the ride,

  • preregistration is available – Select this link to download the form – 2019-gps-ride-registration
  • We plan to continue with two payment options
    • Send your payment (cheque) and registration form to the club at Box 3011 Revelstoke BC, V0E 2S0, or
    • E-transfer the payment to the club at revatvclub@gmail.com and email the completed registration form to revatvclub@gmail.com

Other News

  • There is no change to the rider registration fee.  An early or pre-registration fee of $25 (which includes the first GPS hand) if paid prior to May 31, 2019.  Registration after May 31 goes to $35 and the fee still includes the first GPS hand.  There is no registration fee for riders accompanying a registered rider.  The Pre-registration fee is refundable upon request if the request is received by May 31st.
  • The registration form has been updated and is available for downloading on this site.  2019-gps-ride-registration 2019-gps-ride-registration form for downloading in word format.
  • Registration will be also be available via our club email address – revatvclub@gmail.com and e-transfer will be an acceptable form of payment to save sending a cheque in the mail.
  •  The prize payout is the same as 1997.  First place $300, second place $200 and third place $100. The pre-registration form 2019-gps-ride-registration in word document format is available for downloading and completion.  We are requesting a donation of $10 per rider or $20 per camping unit to help cover the costs of portable toilette rental.
  • If you would like additional information on the ride send a request for more information using the contact form and one of the members will help you out, or you can email directly to revatvclub@gmail.com.
  • The updated poster is available for down loading.  Select the link 2019 gps ride poster 8X11 ver 2  to download the poster.
  • We are still discussing changing the area for the markers – removing the Kingfisher area and adding in another area to the south of Iron Road on the Wap Mabel FSR.
  • We are still discussing having a second “office” for sale of hands on the Friday evening, or changing the draw process where the random point selection and the first pick for a hand are done without using the bingo balls or the draw bucket.  We would use computer generated random numbers for this process to reduce wait times and for completed hands we would still use the rotating drum to select the numbered ball.

The google earth image below shows the approximate extent of the location for the 2018 GPS Markers.

GPS Ride Limits

The Google earth image below shows greater detail of the WAP FSR turnoff from the TCH and the approximate location of camping and marshalling areas


Expected Ride Agenda

On the Friday evening, at about 5 PM there is a riders meeting, where all the rules and expectations are explained.  This meeting is at the marshalling area approximately ( 50° 55.674’N,118° 28.909’W) as shown on the Google Earth Image above.

Following this meeting registration will continue and the sale of hands will begin.  A “hand” consists of 4 GPS points with their latitude and longitude given (degrees and decimal minute format).  The rider must then find the GPS marker at that location and record the serial number on the GPS marker.  A hand is completed when all four GPS markers have been found and their serial numbers recorded and verified.

The evening time allows for riders to plan their ride for the next two of days.

Saturday – at approximately 7 AM registration and sale of hands will begin for the day.  Riders can begin their search for GPS Markers.  All riders are to report in to the official at the end of their ride for the day.  This way all participants can be accounted.

Sunday – at approximately 7 AM registration and sale of hands continues.  Riders can begin their search for GPS Markers.  All riders are to report in to the official by 3 PM with all completed hands verified with the target of awards and participation draws for 4:30 PM.

Completed hands can be verified at any time.