The Revelstoke ATV Club was formed in 2000 with 29 people attending a meeting that Tom Dickson and Ron LaRoy organized to see if there was interest in forming a local ATV club. The interest was there and on October 16, 2000 the Club was incorporated under the Society Act of BC. The first name of the club was the Revelstoke Quad Association which soon after was changed to the Revelstoke ATV Club.  Steps were taken to immediately open communications with the City of Revelstoke, the BC Forest Service and P.E.P.

IMG_0548The Club has always been very active taking part in local Canada Day parades.  A major project undertaken by the Club in the early years was the cleaning up the wetlands south of Revelstoke by removing numerous old car bodies that had laid there for many, many years.  This was all done by volunteers.

In 2001 the Club hosted the 2nd annual ATV/BC jamboree. One Hundred and Fifty people from all parts of the province came to Revelstoke to take part in the jamboree.

In 2002 the Club had it’s first web page built.  Also in 2002 the Club signed a Code of Conduct with BC Hydro and other interested groups for use of the wetlands south of Revelstoke.


Over the years the Club has promoted numerous Club outings, some overnighters, some weekend rides, long weekend camping trips and some long distance rides which included a ride/camping trip from just west of Golden to Elkford BC, another from Shelter Bay to Kelowna, others that included a trip from Skyline to North Barrire Lake.

The Club has been very vocal over the years in protecting our right to ride and the areas that we want to ride in. We were instrumental in providing information for an issue of the Backroads Mapbook for this part of BC.

We have been, and continue to be, an avid supporter of ATV/BC our provincial organization and some of our memebrs have sat on the board of directors for that organization. Numerous articles have also been submitted to trade magazines.

The Club has donated to various charities, with the Relay For Life being a favourite of the Club.

Sproat Lookout

Sproat Lookout

Probably one of our greatest accomplishments came on July 15, 2004 with the opening of the Sproat Mountain Fire tower. The Club asked for, and was granted, an agreement by the Forest Service to renovate and bring back the Sproat Mountain Fire Tower to its former glory days. A year and a half was spent brushing out the old access road to the tower, painting, repairs and a general clean up was done with the trail turned over to all users, motorized and non-motorized. Over the years since, the tower continues to be a favourite destination for all with the comment book full of ‘thanks you’s and ‘job well done’. Of course a few negative comments appear now and then, an organization can not please all users. A replica of the tower was fabricated by  Ed Jaatteenmaki a Club member and entered into the Homecoming Parade in 2004. The ‘replica tower’ now resides at 3 Valley resort.  In 2014 the club applied to the National Trail Coalition and in the spring of 2015 to Revelstoke Tourism Infrastructure Fund for funding to undertake repairs to the Sproat Mtn Lookout Trail.  Both organizations approved the applications with the summer of 2015 being a busy one for the club doing significant work on the Sproat Mountain Trail.

The Club continues on, some years membership is up, some years it is down but the overall interest of those who join is to be with others of a similar interest. We continue to have fun, work for our rights to enjoy the backcountry by our means of transportation and encourage riding enthusiasts to join the Club.


Interested in the club? Come on out and take part.

The Ride Guides and Ride Reports are presented, to show visitors to this site, riding opportunities that exist within our local area.  The information that is presented is one users interpretation, at a point in time, of the terrain and operational conditions and risks that can be expected to be encountered on a ride.  Trail conditions on a ride can change hourly or daily and users of a guide or report need to be observant of present conditions and ride within their ability.

All Comments, Ride Reports, Ride Guides and Planned Rides will be reviewed by site administrators for content before posting, the club reserves the right to amend or reformat submissions for presentation consistency prior to posting.  The club does not commit to posting all photos or other documents that are submitted to this site.  The administrators will use their good judgement in selecting items for posting.

Rec Sites – Revelstoke Area Rec sites that can be included in the list:

Carnes Creek, Downie Creek, Eagle Bay, Echo Lake, Potlatch Creek, Sprague Bay, Wadey, Wap Lake. Tangier


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